Thank You Websitesfornewbies!!! After years of putting off making my website, I finally feel confident and armed with the tools to do it. This, once daunting task has become something that's actually easy and that I'm really excited about. All I have to do is follow the clear and simple steps laid out in the videos. Each video is short and to the point. It's as easy as ABC once you know what to do. YAY!!

Ailbhe Du Ve, Lisbon, Portugal
Dip. Acupuncture, Dip. Nutrition 

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Catherine has provided a wonderful product for those unfamiliar with the world of website building.  Catherine’s instruction is very clear, comprehensive and easy to follow, giving new users the ability, and more importantly the confidence, to set up and maintain their own website.  Thank you Catherine for helping to empower those for whom creating their own professional looking website may otherwise seem to be out of reach.

Jayne O'Donnell, Cork, Ireland
Naked Voice Facilitator /  College of Sound Healing Tutor

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I was a little nervous coming to Websites for Newbies as I was genuinely a complete ‘beginner’ and had no idea what to expect.  I had absolutely no technical ‘know how’ and no confidence whatsoever that I could be able to learn and manage the tools needed to design my own website.

Catherine’s course takes you literally step-by-step towards having your own website up and running, through a series of short, clear and simple to follow videos.  They are very easy to follow, in your own time and with no pressure.  I would recommend watching all the videos through to the end first and then going back to the beginning and putting Catherine’s guidance and advice into practice. 

Catherine is so lovely to work with, she is very friendly and approachable and absolutely giving of her time.  It was a privilege to work with her.  The group calls are invaluable and provide a great opportunity to avail of Catherine’s extensive knowledge and wisdom.

Having completed Catherine’s course I now feel so confident in my own ability to create a beautiful website for my business.   I now have the skills and the ‘know how’ and also access to Catherine’s videos if I need to refer to anything in particular.  I highly recommend anybody, whether you already have some skills or are an absolute beginner, to sign up for Websites for Newbies.  An excellent investment, a great confidence builder, a clear and simple step-by-step guide to creating your own website.

Cathy Brett
Reiki Master/Practitioner & Crystal Grid Designer


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If you had told me six months ago I would be building my own website I would have said it was not possible!  Thanks to Websites for Newbies I can now confidently say 'Yes I can' !  This tutorial is so easy to follow and Catherine walks you through each step effortlessly. The lessons are short , easy to understand and apply.  You can take it at your own pace and revisit any step , at any time.  It sure is child's play when you know how !  This has come along at just the right time for me.  Thank you Catherine  

Cathy Cummins, Dublin, Ireland
Yoga & Pilates Teacher, Ayurvedic Consultant and Therapist


Catherine is great at explaining where to go, how to find your way around Squarespace and how to actually use it. She has a brilliant eye for detail and is great at making you feel confident in how to build your own website! With Websites for Newbies I think anyone could build their own website.

Liz Svensson, Dublin, Ireland
Systematic Kinesiologist and doTerra Wellness Advocate

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I had to get information out to a group of contacts re a course I was running in Florida. It was short notice, only ten days away, not enough time to send out brochures by mail. And the files were too big to send by email – what to do?.  Catherine had given me her new program to test and by following her instructions on the videos, I was able to set up a working website in literally 36 hours! I simply scanned my 10 page brochure and dropped the files into the template. It was so easy! I was able to learn how to use Squarespace, do it by myself, make the changes and revisions I wanted to without having to deal with a web designer or wait for days or weeks for the job to be done. Best of all, I can edit it myself whenever I need to! What a gift! 

Bruce, Dublin, Ireland
B. Acupuncture, C. Herb (Nanging), M.I.A.C.

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I am usually a techno phobe and never would have thought I would be able to build my own website but I have done just that.

I found the online course very easy to follow, Catherine's instructions were clear and to the point and very easy to understand. At first I tried to build the site along with watching the tutorials but found going through the whole course first to get a feel for what was expected and making some bullet points, then going back over the videos to start my own website, worked best for me.

Squarespace have a great variety of templates of a very high quality and the Om Studio was perfect for my business.

I actually really enjoyed learning this new skill and being able to manage my own website without having to wait on someone else to make changes for me is perfect as I would have regular changes and updates on my site. 

I would highly recommend the online course for anyone looking to build and manage their own website.

Kelly Molloy, Dublin, Ireland
 Yoga and Meditation Teacher


If you ever wanted to create your own website, then this is the place to start.  Catherine takes you by the hand each step of the way.  Don’t worry if you are not IT savvy as by the end of the course Catherine will have effortlessly helped you to create your own web site.  In addition, I found that this course could fit in with my own personal schedule as I was able to stop and start at any time and pick up where I left off.  What a fabulous opportunity to now be able to have my own business online.  Thank you, Catherine, for creating this Websites For Newbies!  It is marvellous.

Marette O’Rourke-O’Brien, Luxembourg