Websites For Newbies

Especially For Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Practitioners,
And Those Who Need To Get Their Business Online

I am committed to helping you create a beautiful, simple, professional and functional website, easily and quickly.  Your website is your most powerful communication tool.  I will take you through this process, step by step, click by click, in byte size lessons.  There is no need for you to be a computer whizz kid or programmer. If you know how to Point and Click, Drag and Drop, Copy and Paste, you are half way there.

Making sure you become more visible, attract more clients, work smarter, increase you income and share your message and gifts with the world.

Watch the Video below to see the beautiful website You Will Learn How To Create

Websites For Newbies is a program meant to do one thing.  Show you how to create your website and get your business online, using Squarespace.

The sooner you get your business online, the sooner you will be found by more people and the sooner you will transform your business.

Not having a website is no longer an option.  Your clients expect it and it allows you to work smarter, more effectively and efficiently.  

If you have been thinking that creating a website:

is beyond your technical capabilities
too daunting and overwhelming
too time consuming

Think again and imagine how costly it is NOT to have one. Your new website will be your most powerful communication tool with your clients. 

By the end of our time together, you will have mastered the basic features of Squarespace, know how to update and maintain your website and customise it to express your unique personality and style.


The Good News: 

Creating a beautiful, simple, professional and functional website, has never been easier.  Gone are the days when you need to spend €1000’s paying for a professional programmer, to design, create and maintain your website.

Squarespace, is a drag and drop web builder, which simply means you do not need any programming skills.  If you know how to point and click, drag and drop, you are half way there.


Don't put off this vital step any longer.  Empower yourself.  Become more confident and competent using technology.  Upgrade your skill set and change your mind set .  Share your vision, message and passion with your global community.  Allow yourself to be seen and heard.    Sign Up and transform your business today.


Catherine has a real passion to empower women to share their message with the world.  

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