Websites For Newbies

Especially For Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Practitioners,
And Those Who Would Like To Get Their Business Online

Are YOU struggling keeping pace with new Technology?
Would YOU love to get your business online but don't know where to start?
Are YOU ready to learn the skills you need to succeed?
Websites For Newbies will show YOU how in simple byte size lessons!

Watch the Video below to see the beautiful Demo Website
I will show You how to Create,
Step by step, in byte size lessons!

Why Squarespace?
Squarespace is one of the world's most aesthetically pleasing, all in one, web design platforms.  It is a Drag & Drop Website Builder which means there is no need to be a computer whizz kid or advanced programmer. 

Building your own Website has never been easier.  You simply choose from one of many, pre-designed, aesthetically beautiful Templates and you are ready to go!  Squarespace Templates are Mobile Responsive which means they will display well on all devices eg Mobile Phones, Tablets or Desktop Computers. 

I will take you through, step by step and show you how to create the awesome website as demonstrated in the video above! 

Squarespace also provide wonderful training and support tools. With a 24/7 Customer Support Centre and winner of the prestigious Gold Stevie Award for Customer Care, you are in good hands! 


Sign Up For Websites For Newbies & Save €1000s!!!

By spending a little time learning these new skills, you will save €1000s.  Traditionally you would need to pay for a Website Designer to build your website for you.  You would also have to pay yearly maintenance fees and be completely reliant on them for any changes or updates you require!


By choosing to Upgrade your Skill Set and change your Mind Set, YOU are fully empowered and can make any updates to your website any time, any place, any where! Sign Up and learn how to build your Website today!


Bring the joy of learning, creativity, imagination and discovery back into your life and get started today!


Catherine has a real passion to empower people to share their message with the world.  It's child's play when you know how!

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Ready to take the next step?  Find out what Websites For Newbies has to offer. 

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