Welcome!  I'm Catherine and I'd like to share a little of my background, so you get a sense of where I am coming from.  I have spent a large part of my earlier life trying to find my place in the world and the work I love.  As a consequence I have worked in many diverse areas including computer training, personal development and health care.  I studied computer science as a mature student, back in the days when you had to type precise instructions to get the computer to do anything.  As you can imagine it was much more daunting to learn how to use computers back then.  But perseverance prevailed and I managed to obtain a 1st Class Honours Degree in Computer Science, from University of Westminster, London. This entailed many long hours of blood, sweat and tears.  As a result I well understand how overwhelming it can be for you if you are not familiar with, or have a very limited knowledge of the world of computing and it’s language, to undertake a project such as getting yourself online.

The Good News

The good news is that the world of computing has changed dramatically since its beginning. These new tools are making it possible for ordinary users to create the online world of their dreams.  No need to be a computer Whizz Kid or have advanced Programming Skills. If you can drag and drop, point and click you are almost there.

Even though I studied computing, I did not enjoy working in it full time.  Don’t get me wrong, computing is a powerful tool, and I love to use it as such.  

My Inner Journey

My heart’s desire was to work with people.  So, while working teaching computing, I went on my inner journey to discover who I was, why I was here and to heal my pain of not knowing where I belonged. I returned as a part-time student and studied Counselling and Psychotherapy for 3 years.  I trained as a STEPS facilitator with the Pacific Institute.  I worked in community programs teaching personal development.  I trained as a Dru Yoga and Meditation teacher.  I trained in voice work, massage and now work in a complementary health clinic!

I have had the privilege of meeting and working with many leading teachers in spirituality and have served as events coordinator for renowned world teacher Chloe Goodchild and The Naked Voice in Ireland since 2004. 

My experience of being in this alternative field has made me aware of the fact that there are so many talented people, sharing their gifts with the world, but have not obtained the necessary skills to successfully build and grow their business online.  Working without technology to support you, can often lead to high levels of work and low levels of income.  Sharing and organising your work Online can help you work smarter, reach more people and have more free time.

My Passion

My passion has been to bring these two worlds together and offer an inexpensive way for you to empower yourself, create a stunning website and share your message with the world .  If you are willing to invest a minimum amount of time and money, to get yourself up and running online, at your own convenience, in the comfort of your own home, this course is for you.

 As fate would have it, while skiing for the first time in Austria, I fell on hard ice and broke the neck of my femur.  This event took me out of action and after looking at too many Netflix movies I decided I wanted to create something that would really contribute to the world and allow me to transform this experience into something positive and inspiring.  Hence this is my humble offering to enable and empower all you wonderful powerful beings to share your message with your wider community and beyond!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
- Nelson Mandela